Get your driver risk evaluation

You are going to take part in the "Selge Pilt…!?". The most common traffic risks are going to be introduced and behaviour instructions to avoid road accidents are going to be offered.

Therefore, we ask you to answer the questionnaire which is going to help us to offer personal feedback based on your current traffic behaviour. The accuracy of the feedback depends on the honesty of your answers.

Driver risk model consists of approximately 40 questions which test the participant on the knowledge, behaviour and attitude towards traffic behaviour. It is a self-esteem questionnaire, which means that the accuracy of the feedback depends on the honesty of your answers.
Personal report
A traffic risk level is calculated based on your answers and is going to be shown in a traffic light principle (green – low risk; yellow – moderate risk; red – high risk). In addition, a text-based report is created that indicates specific potential traffic risks of the participant.
We ask you to enter your details to answer the questionnaire and get feedback. This allows us to create your personal key to gain access to the traffic risk database and receive the feedback via email after finishing the questionnaire. The key is required to be able to continue the questionnaire from the same question if answering the questionnaire gets interrupted. It also assures the access to the report later on.


Years ago Swedes came up with the idea of Vision Zero. This is an idea of reaching a point of no fatalities in traffic. The webpage of the authors shows different directions that traffic safety depends on. Those directions need improvement and each individual needs to do their part.

90% of deaths and injuries are dependent on human factor. People make mistakes. Those mistakes are often small and could have been prevented. The reason is simple – people did not think about those mistakes before, because they were not aware, they had forgotten or they were overconfident.

In this case, you have a chance to test your own traffic risk level and see how you contribute to the traffic safety. You might encounter some ideas in these questions that seem familiar or maybe the opposite. Do not let it daunt you. Someone definitely has a connection with traffic in that point. Someone else has the joy of recognition. Traffic is the meeting place for different people with very different backgrounds. You never know who drives in front of you or behind you or who stops next to you at traffic light.

Fill in the questionnaire as honest as possible to position yourself in the traffic environment. Most common international traffic law violations, statistical summaries of serious traffic accidents and modern results from scientific research are the basis for giving feedback. The statistical analysis of these points and comparison of the results gives an interaction that will be displayed visually to the participant. In addition, the report will include recommendations that could help. That of course only when the participants have entered honest answers about themselves.